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Your Ultimate Guide to Noosa Sound Waterfront Restaurants and Cafes

On Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Noosa Sound is a gorgeous and lively town known for its breathtaking seaside vistas and holiday accommodation. Noosa Sound has a selection of waterfront eateries that can accommodate a range of tastes and preferences. In this blog, we’ll examine the top seaside eateries along Noosa Sound so you have your dining sorted at your next visit to Noosa.

Noosa Sound Restaurants

The Noosa River runs alongside several of the eateries and cafés in Noosa Sound, providing guests with stunning views of the water. Additionally, the culinary scene in Noosa Sound emphasises the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients meaning you can’t go wrong. Here’s our top picks!

Ricky’s River Bar & Restaurant

Located on the banks of the Noosa River, Ricky’s River Bar & Restaurant offers a premium dining experience with breathtaking views. This award-winning restaurant specialises in modern Australian cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood. Enjoy dishes like Moreton Bay bugs and scallops while taking in the serene river surroundings.

Noosa Boathouse

A popular choice of Noosa Sound is Noosa Boathouse. This restaurant is renowned for its laid-back ambience and often hosts several events throughout the year from weddings, functions and corporate dinners. Its waterfront location and extensive menu means there’s something for everyone. Its close location to the water means their seafood options are a must on your next holiday.

Noosa Waterfront Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant offers a unique experience, with a glass wall looking over Noosa River. It specialises in Italian inspired food, serving everything from homemade pasta and woodfired pizza.

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Noosa Sound Cafes

For a more laid-back experience, indulge in waterfront dining at the array of cafes that line the riverbank, savouring fresh seafood and local delicacies.

Mr Jones & Me Cafe

Mr. Jones & Me Café, is a hidden gem tucked away close to the Noosa River, is beloved by both residents and tourists. The café is a favourite among those looking for a warm and cosy eating experience because of its welcoming ambience, kind service and river views.

Little Boaty Espresso & Juice Bar

This quaint café along the Noosa River provides an enjoyable break from the bustle of daily life. You may enjoy delicious breakfast and lunch options as well as coffee, freshly squeezed juices, and other refreshments to enjoy.

Noosa cafés offer an exquisite fusion of delectable meals and mesmerising seaside views. These eateries perfectly embody the allure and peaceful surroundings of Noosa Sound. Whether you’re enjoying a coffee by the Noosa River or indulging in a fancy dining experience, Noosa Sound offers a range of dining experiences perfect for your next trip to Noosa. To make the most of your dining experience ensure you have your Noosa Sound accommodation sorted! Don’t worry about transportation home, if you’re looking for somewhere close to stay Noosa Beach Abodes has Noosa Sound riverfront homes available just a short walk from the riverfront scene.