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Things to do in Noosaville

Noosaville is nestled along the scenic banks of the Noosa River, is a vibrant destination offering a myriad of activities and experiences for visitors seeking both relaxation and adventure. From riverside strolls to water-based excursions, Noosaville is conveniently located to surrounding areas of Noosa Heads, Noosa Sound and Little Cove, making it the perfect place to explore for residents or visitors staying nearby! 

Here’s some of the highlights of Noosaville if you’re stuck on what to do:


Venture into the heart of Noosaville and explore the vibrant dining scene along Gympie Terrace. From chic waterfront cafes to upscale restaurants, this precinct is a haven for food enthusiasts. For guests staying in Noosa Heads and Noosa Sound, Noosaville’s culinary delights are just a leisurely stroll or a short drive away, providing an opportunity to savour diverse flavours while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the riverside.

Noosaville’s vibrant dining scene is another highlight, with an array of waterfront restaurants serving delectable cuisine. Eat fresh seafood while enjoying the view of passing boats and the natural beauty of the Noosa River. This is perfect for guests staying in Little Cove if they want to step away from their private retreats to experience the hustle and bustle of a delicious restaurant for a night. This proximity allows you to experience the lively atmosphere of the riverside dining away from the secluded refinement of your Noosa Beach Abodes accommodation locations – Noosa Sound and Little Cove accommodation.


Water enthusiasts staying nearby are in for a treat, as Noosaville’s extensive range of water-based activities caters to every preference. Kayaking or hiring a boat and cruising along the Noosa River allows you to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the waterways. The convenience of Noosaville’s location to the water makes it ideal for those seeking a day out on the water only a few minutes from their waterfront Noosa Sound accommodation.

Noosa Heads, Noosa Sound, and Little Cove guests can further explore the town’s vibrant lifestyle through the markets, held along the riverfront on Sundays. This market showcases local artisans, fresh produce, and unique handmade crafts and is a chance to experience the community spirit of Noosaville conveniently located in a place accessible from nearby suburbs.

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Stay in Noosa Heads, Noosa Sound or Little Cove for the perfect base to explore everything Noosaville has to offer. There is something for everyone, whether you’re searching for accommodation with beach views or a luxurious waterfront home. Explore these Noosa accommodation options for accommodation near Noosaville, providing comfort, relaxation and convenience all in one.

For those fortunate enough to stay in the exquisite locales of Noosa Heads, Noosa Sound, or the exclusive Little Cove, Noosaville presents a playground of diverse activities just waiting to be explored. Located along the scenic banks of the Noosa River, Noosaville seamlessly complements the luxurious retreats of its neighbouring areas, offering a blend of relaxation and adventure that caters to the discerning tastes of its visitors. Book your holiday today! For more information on accommodation, activities and places to eat, read our guide to holidaying in Noosa!