Oceans to Rivers – Water Activities in Noosa Sound

In the sunny haven of Noosa Heads you’re mostly likely to want to spend your time out on the water enjoying activities. From serene river cruises to beautiful coastal walks Noosa Sound offers a diverse array of water activities that cater to every taste and preference. If you’re looking to stay in Noosa Sound find out what makes Noosa Sound a water lover’s paradise!

Cruise The Noosa River

The Noosa River, which meanders through many riverfront communities and lush surroundings, forms the core of Noosa Sound. Taking a river cruise is a great experience that lets guests take in the breathtaking scenery while enjoying a cruise along the water. There are several companies throughout Noosa sound that can provide both an insightful and relaxing cruise on the beautiful surrounding of Noosa Heads. For those looking for a more laid-back aquatic experience, the Noosa River offers a tranquil haven, whether it’s a leisurely sunset cruise or an eco-friendly tour.

noosa ferry

Photo credit – noosaferry.com

Kayaking or Paddle Boarding

The Noosa River and its smaller rivers provide a great opportunity to explore Noosa Sound kayaking and paddleboarding. This is great for those with a greater sense of adventure to explore Noosa Sound at a more leisurely pace. Enjoy the calm waters, local scenery and even stop along the river for a quick lunch. If you’re staying in our Noosa Heads accommodation, you don’t even have to worry about bringing your own paddleboard. There are plenty of rental services along the river that can provide you with their services for the day. Gather your friends or family for a great way to spend a day on your holiday!


As the river in Noosa turns into the ocean it provides several great surfing beaches for those staying nearby. There are plenty of spots from Little Cove to Sunshine Beach that are great for both beginners and experienced riders. It’s just a short distance from Noosa Sound making it a top destination for those who love to experience the thrill of the ocean. If you really want to be amongst it, check out our accommodation in Little Cove and surf from day to night!

Surfers with longboards


If you’re looking for a boat ride or a day out on the water there are plenty of options. For adrenaline seekers, see Noosa from new speeds with a jet ski hire or ride on the Noosa Thriller speedboat. If you’d prefer to relax with friends and family there are plenty of places to hire a boat where you can swim, cook a BBQ and cruise up and down the river.

There are plenty of accommodation options in Noosa Sound that provide the perfect base for exploring the Noosa region and conveniently located to Noosa. Noosa Beach Abodes offers accommodation in Noosa Sound that is the ideal place to see everything the Noosa waters have to offer. Whether you want to relax in the gentle meandering of the Noosa River, the thrill of surfing at Noosa Heads, or the excitement of encountering marine life from a boat, this coastal haven invites you to experience the beauty of Noosa’s oceans and rivers!